“All businesses are trying to reach the same destination. Itʼs the route taken that will differ.”

Thursday, June 02, 2011

How We Work

Every business has a life cycle. It starts with an initial idea and ends when the business is sold, closed or passed on to the next generation. At J. Edward Enoch, we have developed strong relationships advising businesses at all phases of growth, and on a wide range of legal issues. Think of it as a roadmap. We help navigate businesses past the pitfalls and toward success. Weʼre in a position to see how a lot of different businesses operate – both good and bad – and weʼre always paying attention. We incorporate that knowledge into our representation of future clients, from startups to long-established companies.

We continuously implement the latest technology to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible. It’s what our clients have come to expect. For instance, you will never hear, "I’ll have to pull the file and get back to you," because all of our files are available to us in digital form at our desktops, securely backed up off-site every night.


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