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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Georgia state legislature acted quickly to undo a recent opinion of the Georgia Supreme Court concerning who can file answers to a garnishment.  Last fall the Georgia Supreme Court adopted a Georgia Bar opinion stating that corporations and other entities could not file an answer to a garnishment in any court in the State of Georgia.

This opinion changed a long-standing practice of business entities filing these answers without an attorney.   The state legislature has now reversed this holding by a bill amending the garnishment statute.   The new bill restores the ability of entites to file these answers through their employees without engaging an attorney.  This bill was effective immediately on the Governor's signature.

You can read the bill at http://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/en-US/Display/20112012/HB/683

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The link below sumarizes recent cases around the county concerning social media.   Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like continue to be the "Wild Wild West" of privacy decisions.  The decisions in this link reinforce the idea that social media, even with privacy settings, is not considered truly private.  For employers, these cases also raise the issue of who owns the accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter.   The contacts in these accounts can be just as important to the company as contacts in a cell phone.   Company policy should address who owns accounts created for business purposes.



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On February 21 Ed will speak to physician residents at a seminar at Mercer University sponsored by the UGA Small Business Development Center.   The topic will be "Negotiating Your First Employment Contract."   Our firm represents medical   practices and individual physicians in the drafting and negotiation of employment contracts as well as all other   legal aspects of running a medical practice.

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I have attached the newsletter from our Society for Human Resource Management local chapter.   This organization has over 100 of the top HR professionals in the area and is actively engaged in the community through projects such as the Drug Court program.  There are articles that can benefit small business in the newsletter.  If you handle human resource issues for your company, I highly recommend becoming a member of this group.

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